Wollemi Systems

Inspiring technology

When it comes to software, Wollemi offers something quite unique. We combine our technology engineering expertise with beautiful creative design and an underlying focus on sustainability. And the results can be spectacular.

If you’re looking to outsource a specific project, whether it’s building a complex data system from scratch or solving a web application problem that no one else can fix, let our team of experts get to work for you.

We’ve helped start-up ventures, government agencies and businesses of all sizes with software that not only looks great, it also does exactly what they need:

  • Complex data systems integration
  • Electronic payments and transaction systems, including mobile payment solutions
  • Web 2.0 applications

You may already have an IT team but need specialists who can manage your project as part of your business. Or you may simply have a great idea and you’re not sure where to start. We’d be happy to talk with you on a confidential basis to see how we can help, and we can tailor a pricing model to suit your business needs and development stage.