Wollemi Systems

TEAM Sigma software for enterprise

Imagineā€¦ having all the sustainable data you need at your fingertips

Now you can bring energy and carbon monitoring and sustainable best practice into your organisation, and manage it all with one simple solution.

With the cost of power continuing to rise, and the added complexity of emissions reporting and carbon accounting requirements, TEAM Sigma software is an investment that will quickly pay for itself.

How does it work?

Sigma collects and stores data from existing gas, electricity, water and fuel meter systems in real-time, as well as related billing data. Flexible reporting and analysis is designed to meet your specific needs during implementation, all easily accessed from your personal web-based dashboard.

  • Measure physical changes to your energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • Monitor cultural changes as your organisation seeks to lower its footprint
  • Analyse utility consumption and opportunities for abatement across different divisions and sites, and track cost savings
  • Track thresholds and targets
  • Reporting and compliance for NGERS, OSCARS and key Energy Efficiency Opportunities

We can provide TEAM Sigma as a fully hosted solution, on an annual or monthly subscription basis.