Wollemi Systems

TEAM Sigma software for consultants

Imagineā€¦ a powerful solution for complex sustainable data management

Our comprehensive sustainability data management system is designed to work seamlessly with your environmental advisory or engineering practice. Now you can help your clients meet their energy and carbon emission targets sooner, report on compliance and manage complex billing rule sets.

How does it work?

Sigma collects and stores data from existing gas, electricity, water and fuel meter systems in real-time, as well as related billing data. Flexible reporting and analysis is designed to meet individual needs during implementation.

  • Powerful tools identify opportunities for reductions and benchmark reviews
  • Measure and demonstrate real ROI
  • Tailor-made local training and ongoing support for you and your clients

We can provide you with access to TEAM Sigma as part of your consultancy services, on a cost-effective fully hosted subscription or permanent license basis.