Wollemi Systems

Influential Technology

At Wollemi, all our solutions begin with a focus on sustainability – by streamlining your systems we can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Now we are able to take this even further, with our market-leading energy and carbon data management systems.

When you’re implementing sustainable initiatives in your organisation, you need to be able to effectively measure their impact and manage complex data. Our unique partnership with TEAM Energy allows you to:

  • Monitor and manage emission abatement targets,
  • Reduce organisational consumption and costs,
  • Increase energy efficient behaviour,
  • Report across all divisions, sites and tiers of your organisation
  • Manage and track all utility bills and allocate sub-tenancy charges, and
  • Decrease your carbon footprint.

TEAM Sigma is the most advanced energy monitoring and carbon management software available globally. Coupled with Wollemi’s expertise in complex data management, and our local training and support services, it’s a fully-integrated user-friendly solution that’s high on functionality and flexibility.