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ClimateXchange is a volunteer funded not for profit initiative, who’s community engaging efforts are presented through an online Web 2.0 experience. The site for climateXchange has been designed and managed by Wollemi Systems, and is part of how Wollemi is giving back to the community.

ClimateXchange provides access to the latest information and views on climate change and sustainability solutions in the Canberra Community. The site aims to inter-connect the wide array of suppliers, community groups, activities, events and discussions within a local community. Anyone can register and contribute.

It is built on the latest Web 2.0 technologies, and is a social networking concept which also encompasses people in a local area – currently the Canberra region.

Wollemi has helped to create the climateXchange visual experience, provides development services for the website, and actively contributes to sustainability initiatives in the Canberra region.

Visit www.climatexchange.org.au for more information, or contact us if you like what you see!