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mHITs Q-Jumper

Q-Jumper is an add-on to the mHITs point of sale merchant facility that Wollemi was involved in creating. It turns a simple SMS into an order, payment and receipt at your favourite outlet.

Q-Jumper is an SMS and ordering payment system designed for franchises and venues with fixed menus. It uses a simpler SMS structure and also means the consumer does not need to know the price of an item to order and pay.

For Q-Jumper transactions, consumers SMS the venue ID followed by a qcode – which can be the name of a menu item or an abbreviation. Extra information can also be added as an option.

Q-Jumper decodes the qcode and automatically works out the price for the item. At the venue, the Q-Jumper wireless mPOS terminal prints a docket with a plain english description of the qcode along with the other transaction details.

Read more about our work for mHITs, or have a look at for more information visit the mHITs website

Atlas of Living Australia

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Atlas of Living Australia

Wollemi is working closely with the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA), which is a major initiative to improve scientists access to essential information on Australia’s biodiversity. The ALA is providing tools for researchers and others to access, combine and map data on Australian species.

The Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) project is building a biodiversity information platform to provide scientists and others with the information they need now and in decades to come.

Wollemi is currently helping to integrate complex scientific data sets (species data) and building aggregated data sets combining data from different sources and presenting them from within a single XML data service.

The ALA project combines efforts from teams Australia wide, and is a leading edge Semantic Web based system (Web 3.0) – encompassing a variety of online toolkits which provide software infrastructure to the Scientific community.

The Atlas is:

  • Assisting museums, herbaria and other biological collections to publish and share their biodiversity data online.
  • Enabling users to access, combine and explore information about Australia’s biodiversity online.
  • Acting as a ‘Yellow Pages’, linking people to a variety of rich information sources.
  • Working with other projects to incorporate more comprehensive information about Australian biodiversity.
  • Providing a more detailed picture of Australia’s biodiversity.

For more information about the ALA project see www.ala.org.au, or contact us


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mHITs is one of Wollemi’s long term customers.

mHITs is a payment service which allows consumers to send and receive small payments by SMS text message. mHITs has the potential to replace cash for a range ordinary day-to-day transactions, including point of sale transactions, parking and vending machines.

mHITs operates as a payment system linked to the users mobile phone number. Users register with the service and can move funds in and out of their mHITs account via their bank account. The service works on all mobile phones, all Australian mobile networks, and with any type of mobile plan.

For the retail industry, mHITs provides a unique order and pay ahead system, where you can order and pay for takeaway food before you arrive at the cafe. The solution includes a Point Of Sale terminal which prints instant receipts for SMS orders and payments received. The mPOS terminal has been introduced into coffee shops in Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide and Melbourne, as well as several other locations across NSW

As a strategic technology partner for mHITs, Wollemi Systems provides development and maintenance on many of the mHITs software platform components. Wollemi also provides graphic design and campaign development assistance for mHITs.

Below is an outline of the other mHITs projects in which Wollemi has assisted with the development of.

mHITs Q-Jumper
mHITs Q-Jumper

Q-Jumper is a variant of the mHITs point of sale solution. It is aimed specifically at the national franchise retail food and beverage industry. Q-Jumper simplifies the user experience whereby the user only need send and SMS with a single simple code to both order and pay for an item.

It uses a simpler SMS structure and also means the consumer does not need to know the price of an item to order and pay.

Find out more about Q-Jumper

mHITs Easy Canteen
mHITs Easy Canteen
Easy Canteen is another variant of the mHITs point of sale solution, aimed specifically at providing a solution for the payment of school canteen lunch orders. The service was introduced in 2009 and has been endorsed by the Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations of NSW, and a number of schools are already using this service. Easy Canteen lets parents order and pay the school canteen for lunch orders – your kids will never lose their lunch money again!

Find out more about easy canteen

mHITs easy_park

mHITs Easy Park

Easy Park is a complete parking payment solution using the mHITs platform. It allows people to pay for their parking without the need to scrape around for extra change and will eventually eliminate the need for cash payments for parking all together.




mHITs  i-phone app

mHITs iPhone application

The mHITs iPhone application brings a ‘smart phone’ experience to the mHITs SMS payment system.

It combines both mobile and messaging technologies with their payment system, and variants such as QJumper, making the convenient SMS based payment system an even faster, easier way to pay.

The application was built completely in house by Wollemi, and is a great example of the types of applications we have built for mobile phones. The user experience is a large part of our focus, and the interface has been built to complement the existing mHITs branding and customer experience.

Its more than just an application – its a user experience. It looks good, and works well.

Wollemi’s development and staging environments have helped significantly in complying with Apple’s stringent application testing and release process.

Talk to us about building an iPhone application for your business

Smart Scholar

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Smart Scholar

SmartScholar brings together post graduate scholarships in Australia and presents them in one place. It provides a ‘SEEK for academics’ search engine service, and the best online source of post graduate and research opportunities in Australia.

SmartScholar lists all postgraduate scholarships and post-doctoral positions currently available that have been advertised in national circulation papers and databases. Smart Scholar also lists scholarships and positions that have been directly referred to Smart Scholar by universities.

Wollemi has built the SmartScholar concept from the ground up, including crawling, discovery and indexing engine, as well as automated user registration and custom email notification systems.

For more information visit the SmartScholar Website or contact us

Ideas Connect

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Wollemi has worked together with Ideas Connect to establish their corporate identity, brand design, and combined it all into a simple to maintain website. Their niche consultancy services demand a professional look and high quality visual experience.

Wollemi systems can help re-new your branding, or create a new look from scratch. Along the way, we’ll build a Search Engine Optimised website, Business Cards, Corporate banners, and Document templates. Giving your business a consistent and professional experience from every angle.

Find out more about our branding packs
, or contact us for a quote

Clean Driving

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Clean Driving

Clean Driving is a project sponsored by Wollemi Systems promoting the benefits of electric cars, and providing the momentum to get more on the road.

Wollemi are excited to have purchased the first commercially available electric car in Canberra, and are passionate about promoting the benefits of driving an electric vehicle and living a sustainable life.

For more information please visit the Clean Driving site


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ClimateXchange is a volunteer funded not for profit initiative, who’s community engaging efforts are presented through an online Web 2.0 experience. The site for climateXchange has been designed and managed by Wollemi Systems, and is part of how Wollemi is giving back to the community.

ClimateXchange provides access to the latest information and views on climate change and sustainability solutions in the Canberra Community. The site aims to inter-connect the wide array of suppliers, community groups, activities, events and discussions within a local community. Anyone can register and contribute.

It is built on the latest Web 2.0 technologies, and is a social networking concept which also encompasses people in a local area – currently the Canberra region.

Wollemi has helped to create the climateXchange visual experience, provides development services for the website, and actively contributes to sustainability initiatives in the Canberra region.

Visit www.climatexchange.org.au for more information, or contact us if you like what you see!

Mega City Hero

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Mega City Hero

Mega City Hero is a fun game with a mission: to inspire children to think creatively about the challenges of modern society and to inspire professionals to create better cities.

In 2010, together with the Ten Project Team, Wollemi Systems helped plan, architect and build the software and website required for the initial prototype intended for demonstration and market testing of the game concept.

Mega City Hero presents the challenges of our world to young people in a way that engages their creative energy, imagination and problem solving skills.
Wollemi has worked with the Ten Project team as their ideas evolve – how the game play works, and adjusting components along the way. Its a great example of a project where Wollemi can adapt as your business needs change. At the end of the day, our success depends on your success, and this calls for a flexible approach to software development.

A summary of the services that Wollemi provided to this project are as follows:

  • Project planning and agreements
  • System Prototypes
  • Content and Site Development
  • System Implementation
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Installation and Hosting

The game is still in a pilot phase and not publicly accessible, but you can find out their latest progress at www.thetenproject.com, or contact us if you would like to know more