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mHITs Q-Jumper

Q-Jumper is an add-on to the mHITs point of sale merchant facility that Wollemi was involved in creating. It turns a simple SMS into an order, payment and receipt at your favourite outlet.

Q-Jumper is an SMS and ordering payment system designed for franchises and venues with fixed menus. It uses a simpler SMS structure and also means the consumer does not need to know the price of an item to order and pay.

For Q-Jumper transactions, consumers SMS the venue ID followed by a qcode – which can be the name of a menu item or an abbreviation. Extra information can also be added as an option.

Q-Jumper decodes the qcode and automatically works out the price for the item. At the venue, the Q-Jumper wireless mPOS terminal prints a docket with a plain english description of the qcode along with the other transaction details.

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