Wollemi Systems

Imagine… an office network that helps your business grow

Whether you’re just beginning with your office network, or you need to integrate a number of existing systems, Wollemi can help.

We use the latest IP based network infrastructure, ensure fast connections. State of the art encryption and firewall technology allow you to control the security of your business data.

Our hybrid hosting solution combines the flexibility of cloud-based applications with the security of your own server, and supports both Windows and OS X office environments.

This means your staff can securely access and share the information they need, such as email, calendars and customer management systems, without the risk of your competitors seeing confidential data.

Most importantly, we understand the risk of losing time and data if systems shut down for any reason. So your network and back-up systems are designed to ensure you can get back to work faster. We offer a four-hour guarantee for your business support.