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Atlas of Living Australia

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Atlas of Living Australia

Wollemi is working closely with the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA), which is a major initiative to improve scientists access to essential information on Australia’s biodiversity. The ALA is providing tools for researchers and others to access, combine and map data on Australian species.

The Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) project is building a biodiversity information platform to provide scientists and others with the information they need now and in decades to come.

Wollemi is currently helping to integrate complex scientific data sets (species data) and building aggregated data sets combining data from different sources and presenting them from within a single XML data service.

The ALA project combines efforts from teams Australia wide, and is a leading edge Semantic Web based system (Web 3.0) – encompassing a variety of online toolkits which provide software infrastructure to the Scientific community.

The Atlas is:

  • Assisting museums, herbaria and other biological collections to publish and share their biodiversity data online.
  • Enabling users to access, combine and explore information about Australia’s biodiversity online.
  • Acting as a ‘Yellow Pages’, linking people to a variety of rich information sources.
  • Working with other projects to incorporate more comprehensive information about Australian biodiversity.
  • Providing a more detailed picture of Australia’s biodiversity.

For more information about the ALA project see www.ala.org.au, or contact us