Wollemi Systems

Wollemi Systems offers technology and software solutions for a diverse range of businesses and organisations, from system design and maintenance to web design and complex software development.

Our systems and design philosophy is inspired by the Wollemi Pine, one of the world’s oldest and most rare plants. Its simplicity and elegance, and its ability to adapt through a changing environment, is reflected in the way we approach any new project.

We believe that effective technology design can support both sustainability and business growth. By streamlining and integrating your systems or developing new solutions, we can help you to achieve more with less effort and energy.

If you have a small or growing enterprise, we can help you with:
• Office network solutions
• Integrated server, desktop, laptop and mobile systems
• Ongoing maintenance and support with a four-hour guarantee
• Branding packs and website design

If you already have an IT team, we can work as part of your team on specific projects or as your outsourced product developer, including:
• Quality software and application design
• Complex data management systems
• Electronic payment systems