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Wollemi EV Story

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In late 2009, as part of Wollemi System’s commitment to helping create a sustainable future, we embarked on the purchase of a new electric car…

Asking around the local dealerships we received nothing but blank looks. “We have hybrids” was about as close as we could get! Hybrid cars are only part of the solution.

We wanted a zero emission vehicle and therefore electric was the only solution. We found hype about big car brands releasing their new electric vehicle (EV) models, but found little in the way of availability. After nearly 3 months of going around in circles, we had nothing to show for our efforts. The conclusion was that we’d have to convert an existing car ourselves. It looked like an ominous task, so we kept looking.

Eventually we discovered Blade Electric Vehicle, and found that this company convert existing vehicles to electric. Even better than that – they actually sell a fully Australian compliant, crash tested, plug-in, electric car, called the Blade Electron. So we got one!

It’s just like a normal car but is a plug-in electric! Better still, it costs 5c per km to run on 100% green electricity!

We had always planned to promote Wollemi System’s support for environmental causes by putting our brand on the car, but by the time we were ready to get the artwork done our understanding of the electric vehicle market had completely changed. We discovered that people want EV’s, but don’t realise they’re available now – let alone from an Australian manufacturer! So the message on the car is more than just our brand – it says loud and clear that “I run on 100% green electricity!”

We also found that there was a lack of information about how Australian’s can get on the road with EV’s. So we have decided to promote electric vehicles through a new project – CleanDriving.com.au – this way we’re sharing the message that really needs to be heard.

You can go electric today! You don’t have to wait anymore!

Blade Electric Vehicles are reasonably priced, Australian made, and fully financeable in the same way as any corporate vehicle. They come with a 5 year warrantee and a buy back guarantee.

We’re excited to be the first company in Canberra to have an electric vehicle and strongly encourage anyone else in a leading edge business to jump on board with the CleanDriving project.

Visit the Clean Driving website here